About Us

They say it takes 25 years to make an overnight success....

Well, we passed that benchmark a few years back.

Brothers Charlie and Patrick forged their partnership in 1986. They were both young men in their twenties starting a cabinet shop in Boston KY.   They began making packaging for Bookers bourbon a few years later and never looked back.

Total Service isn’t a cool phrase for everyone at Promotional Wood Products; it’s who PWP has always been and it is built in to our products. If you place value on service and quality, come see us - you won’t be disappointed. From day one, Charlie and Patrick created a can-do culture here, and it shows.

We manufacture packaging and displays; we custom mill and print, as well as having a modern facility with CNC routers, flatbed printers and some really Great People!

Check out our products page - a picture is worth a thousand words.


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