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Jim Beam and Booker Noe

Booker Noe, Master Distiller of Jim Beam Brands and grandson of Col. Jim Beam, passed away in 2004.  His son and Grandson will continue his legacy.  We owe a debt of gratitude to the Noe family and Beam that we can never repay.  Booker’s vision continues to pay the bills around here until this very day.  To date we have built over 3 million Booker boxes for his special bourbon, not to mention countless other projects we have completed for Beam.  Our relationship with Beam has led to relationships with many of the companies you’ll see on this client list.

The pictures you see are of Patrick and Charlie Hutchens and Booker and Fred Noe.  The picture on the left is from circa 1995, Patrick (on left), Charlie (center), and Booker Noe in front of a wall of a few thousand Booker Boxes in the earliest days.  Now, just a few million boxes later, the picture on the right is Patrick and Charlie recreating that iconic photo with Booker's son Fred.

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