Buffalo Trace Hoop Head




  • Steel, Plywood


  • Height: 22.5 Inches; Width: 22.5 Inches

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This beautiful barrel head recreation is framed with a weathered steel bourbon barrel ring and decorated with beautiful Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey artwork.
It is made from furniture grade plywood, and is routed into the shape of a barrel head. Then it is decorated with a high-definition print that looks incredibly detailed and bright. Please note, this product may look laser-engraved, but it is actually a high-definition print. We finish up by framing the wood with a custom fitted steel barrel ‘hoop’.

Our Hoop Heads arrive ready to hang, just sit the attached wood hanger onto a nail or screw (make sure to secure to a wall stud if mounting onto drywall!)

They measure around 22.5 inches.

Weight 10 lbs


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