Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Head




  • White Oak Bourbon Barrel Head, Baltic Birch Plywood Hanger


  • Height: 20.5 Inches; Width: 20.5 Inches

An Authentic Reclaimed Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Head, printed with the Elijah Craig Small Batch Logo.

Please note that this is a reclaimed barrel head used in the process of aging Kentucky Bourbon; meaning no two are identical. Each barrel head will have its own unique character that adds to the authenticity of our product.

All of our Barrel Heads are kiln dried to minimize cracks caused by moisture in the wood. We also attach our proprietary plywood hanger on the back of all our barrel heads for added strength and durability. We take pride in adding these extra steps to our process so that we can provide the highest quality barrel head on the market as well as provide excellent service to our customers.


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